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www.GdeFon.com — 608 350 high-quality wallpapers
www.GdeFon.com — 608 350 high-quality wallpapers

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The modern pace of life and the rapid development of high technology , require that the person spent most of his time on the computer . In a strict office environment working points are solved in the late afternoon , at home , it is possible through social networks and e-mail to communicate with friends or family members that are far outside of the country , and on weekends to devote time to watching a movie or TV show , as the internet opens it is enough opportunities . But what happens when the computer turns on ? The first thing we see - it's wallpaper . The default , in random order, or someone of your friends , they may be just a neutral backdrop with randomly scattered on it shortcuts , folders, and work programs . And it was the right and informed choice of wallpaper can affect mood , to send a thought in the right direction and will help to bring order to your desktop.

Surprisingly, the first desktop wallpaper appeared in 1975. While actively working experimental office system Officetalk, located under the Research Center Xerox PARC. It was then for a series of computers Alto , it was decided that subsequently led to the creation of habitual each user wallpaper - namely, the decision to allocate the background under the cash box saturated gray. Revolutionary at the time the decision immediately appreciated the company Apple, which subsequently used it for Macintosh and Lisa. Development of the idea grew into a geometric progression , wallpapers quickly evolved and modernized , with each new idea of ​​getting more and more benefits.

Today, each user can select individual wallpaper , focusing solely on your taste , or melanholnoe upbeat mood and even the time of year. The obvious beauty of wallpaper is not only that you can quickly select the most pleasant sight and associative row option, but the fact that you can change them on the first request - at least daily, even hourly. Of course, you can simply type in the search bar of your browser to inquire and immerse oneself in the chaotic world of diverse images of any extension , the quality and subject matter . But it is much more convenient and practical to choose a specific site , which already has wallpaper with a high extension , tangible quality and competent distribution of images into meaningful categories. Romantic and dreamy nature often choose background picturesque landscapes, nature , bright colors or charming pets. Men prefer automotive topics , motorcycles , aviation, sports and , of course, beautiful girls. Creative young people often are repelled from the conventional framework , aspire to a particular approach in every way, so it is usually chosen in the categories of wallpaper abstraction , mood, texture , style and music. Also, the most common and high-demand picture for your desktop are the following : anime , city, game, movie , stars, ships , space, macro, minimalism , men , guns , holidays , miscellaneous, rendering the situation , fantasy, movies, hi-tech.
With the right choice, you can make the desktop is not only very beautiful and impressive , but much more functional and convenient . For example, if the wallpaper was selected in the category of motorcycles , and the figure is in the right corner, all desktop items , folders , documents , labels, grouped into the opposite side without overlapping the image. If the picture of any of the categories are concentrated in the center , conveniently arrange the icons are not only the traditional left and right , and on all sides of the screen. For example, on the left you can arrange all the most necessary programs and files uploaded to the right given in the text document , position the top of the folder with different contents, and the lower part of the screen to provide games, audio files and other fun moments .

But in order to make the selected image uplifting and pleasing to the eye , first of all , it should be of high quality, because sometimes even a small error can cause a negative image and perception of irritation. It is for this reason, it is important to look for wallpaper only at specially provided for this purpose sites that guaranteed the quality and correct fit to the selected resolution of the screen aspect ratio. www.gdefon.com site is one of the most trusted resource where you can not just choose one of the options for nearly 500,000 images, but also to share their comments and recommendations with other visitors to the site who still hesitating to choose . Moreover, by choosing the most favorite colors of one of the images , you can set the site search - find similar by color wallpaper . With the help of this simple action can assemble a collection of wallpaper , made in the most popular colors. New wallpapers are downloaded daily , the collection is constantly updated as the number of users that rated the advantages of the site www.gdefon.com.